H.V. Test (PTY) LTD was founded as a company in 1985 by Ron Goodwin and Rod Campbell, both Ron and Rod have many years of extensive experience in High Voltage Electrical Testing and Diagnostic environments.

In the early eighties Ron presented H.V. Test (PTY) LTD’s first Cable Fault course to the Utilities, these courses set precedence and the need for a specialized course for Cable Fault Locating. Today H.V. Test (PTY) LTD still offers the most up to date and technical course available. Ron and Rod are still very active in our Training Department assisting with updating course materials, and presenting to the trainees.

Over the years H.V. Test (PTY) LTD has expanded its Training Department to include a Cable Jointing Course, this is presented by Kallie Roets who has been in the industry since 1981 and offers a hands on approach with the candidates.

H.V. Test (PTY) LTD also offer regular courses in High Voltage Regulations (ORHVS), Switching and Responsible Persons. Our focus is to ensure safety in the field is always a top priority and our course material addresses this. We endeavour through training to decrease the number of accidents which have been reported to occur in field work.

Specialised courses and workshops are offered on request. Our Training personnel will be happy to assist with your requirements.


H.V. Test (PTY) LTD are registered as an EWSETA service provider and have SAIEE accreditation.


Please see the schedule for course dates, and should you require further information please contact H.V. Test (PTY) LTD.

Specialists in High Voltage Testing & Diagnostics